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Kenneth Fearing Bibliography

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The following Kenneth Fearing bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dagger of the Mind Random House 1941 UK: 1941 John Lane
The Big Clock Harcourt Brace 1946 UK: Bodley Head 1947
Dust jacket artist P. Vinten. Priced 7/6
Movie made with Ray Millard, Charles Laughton
Loneliest Girl in the World Harcourt Brace 1951 UK: 1952 John Lane / Bodley
The Generous Heart Harcourt Brace 1954 UK: 1955 John Lane
The Crozart Story Doubleday 1960  

Uncollected Short Stories
"The Jury," in Manhunt (New York), March 1955.
"Shake-Up," in Manhunt (New York), May 1955.
"Shadow of Fame," in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (NewYork), December 1956.
"Three Wives Too Many," in Best Detective Stories of the Year 1957. New York, Dutton, and
London, Boardman, 1957.
"Champagne and Bitters," in Ed McBain's Mystery Book  (New York). 1960.

Kenneth Fearing Biography - Further Information
Kenneth Fearing, born 28 July 1902 to 26 June 1961, also wrote under the name H Bedford Jones. As well as the mystery fiction books we have featured he was also well known as a poetic and writer of non-mystery fiction.

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