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Ken Stanton Series Character: William Martin - Tiger Shark

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Ten seconds to Zero Macfadden 1970 Russia targets American submarines
Cold Blue Death Macfadden 1970 The Aquanauts, set in the Caribbean
Sargasso secret Macfadden 1971 A Tigershark thriller
Seek Strike and Destroy Macfadden 1971 Setting is California
Whirlwind Beneath the Sea Manor Books 1972 Strange explosions on the sea bed
Stalkers of the Sea Macfadden 1972 Hot brothels and freezing waters as well as foreign spies - unmissable!
Operation Deep Six Manor Books 1972 Tiger Shark, of the USA's Secret Underwater Service
Operation Steelfish Manor Books 1972 Russian spies try to steal US secrets in the Caribbean
Evil Cargo Manor Books 1973 A hijacked submarine
Operation sea Monster Manor Books 1974 A nautical mystery / thriller, ship based
Operation Mermaid Manor Books 1974 Was a Chinese sailor really attacked by a Mermaid!?!?

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Ken Stanton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ken Stanton is a pseudonym of Manning Lee Stokes who was born in 1911 and died in 1976.
He was a very prolific author, this bibliography only includes the titles under the Ken Stanton pen name, who wrote under several other names as well as being an important figure in the innovation of the graphic novel.
We've included every title we could find using all resources available including the Library of Congress, the British Library and Hubin's crime and mystery book reference guide, this should be a comprehensive list of Ken Stanton's books in order.
There are a couple of non-fiction titles in the Library of Congress but we've not listed those due to the nature of this site.
Whilst the books are definitely "of the period" the are still sought after, increasingly popular as they are now old enough to have a "rerto" feel if you'll allow the phrase.

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