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Kem Bennett Bibliography

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Kem Bennett Series Character: Andrew Blake

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Kem Bennett Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Rococo and a Bottle of Rum Arthur Barker 1947 A novel, not in HUbin
Rubberneck Arthur Barker 1948 222 pages ; (8)
Alms from an Amazon Arthur Barker 1949 208 pages ; (8)
The Wink Rupert Hart-Davis 1951 UK Dustwrapper artwork by Osbert Lancaster
US: Pellegrini 1951 as
The Fabulous Wink
The Devil's Current Collins 1953 US: Crime Club Doubleday 1953
Book set in the Middle East
Dangerous Knowledge Collins 1955 US: Doubleday 1955 as
Passport for a Renegade
US dust Jacket artist Vera Bock
Adventure Men Magazine 1955 Short story
Argosy Men Adventure Magazine 1956 Short story
This Week's Stories Mystery and Suspense Random House 1957 Anthology, various crime fiction authors
Look at Fire Brigades Hamish Hamilton 1963 Illustrated by Leslie Cresswell
Look at Rescue at Sea Hamish Hamilton 1964 Illustrated by Ivan Lapper
The Book of Heroism Hamish Hamilton 1964 Stories selected by Kem Bennett
The Trap - Short story Popular Library 1964 In The Saturday Evening Post Magazine
A science fiction short story contribution
Wide Angle Lens Morrow 1980 Sci Fi short story in an anthology

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Kem Bennett Author Biography - Information About the Author
Kem Bennett, Kemys Deverell, was born in 1919 and died in 1986 re University of Oxford Libraries, and is in Hubin's crime and mystery guide book.
We've taken this bibliography way beyond Hubin so this should be a complete list of published books, although some short stories in magazines etc could well be missing, we've included everything we could find in every available resource and library.
The main books lean to the thriller or espionage genre, set in the Cold War. They are collectable and uncommon in nice condition complete with dust jacket. They should not be prohibitively expensive, in book collecting terms, but don't expect to find them for nothing and if you do snatch them up

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