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Kelley Roos Bibliography

US and UK First Edition Books

This Kelley Roos bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
American editions precede the English first editions and there are alternative titles for some paperback reprints
We have listed the English editions whenever applicable, and noted title changes
1965 and '66 saw two books published in each year, we are not absolutely sure of the chronology in those two cases

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Made Up to Kill Dodd Mead 1940 UK: 1941 Jarrolds
as Made Up for Murder
If the Shroud Fits Dodd Mead 1941 Also published as
Dangerous Blondes in 1951
The Frightened Stiff. Dodd Mead 1942 UK: 1951 Robert Hale
Sailor, Take Warning Dodd Mead 1944 UK: 1952 Robert Hale
There Was a Crooked Man Dodd Mead 1945 UK: 1953 Robert Hale
Ghost of a Chance A.A. Wyn 1947  
Murder in Any Language A.A. Wyn 1948  
Triple Threat A.A. Wyn 1949  
The Blonde Died Dancing Dodd Mead 1956 UK: 1957 Eyre & Spottiswoode
as The Blonde Died Dancing
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Requiem for a Blonde Dodd Mead 1958  
Murder Noon and Night Eyre & Spottiswoode 1959  
Necessary Evil Dodd Mead 1965 UK: 1965 Eyre & Spottiswoode
Black cloth gold lettering
Grave Danger Dodd Mead 1965 UK: 1966 Eyre & Spottiswoode
Cry in the Night Dodd Mead 1966  
One False Move Dodd Mead 1966  
Who Saw Maggie Brown? Dodd Mead 1967  
To Save His Life Dodd Mead 1968 UK: 1969 Cassell
Suddenly One Night Dodd Mead 1970  
Bad Trip Dodd Mead 1971  
Murder on Martha's Vineyard Walker 1981 UK 1981 Robert Hale
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Kelley Roos ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was was in fact a joint pseudonym used by Audrey and William Roos an American husband and wife team.
Their main series characters were Jeff and Hailia Troy.

Synopsis of She Died Dancing By Kelley Roos
WHEN Connie Barton began to suspect that someone else was competing for her husband, she decided to fight fire with fire. She had herself converted into an incandescent blonde. But that night Steve wandered again, and the next time Connie saw him he was in the arms of the opposition-a double incandescent blonde known to the boys as Anita. And the next time Connie saw her, she was dead. Murdered. She'd died dancing, and the last man she was dancing with was Steve. From then on, it was a race to find the real killer before the police found Steve. The chase takes them through the thick of New York's night life, and right up to the final surprise this fast-moving thriller never slows down. Its unexpected plot, sharply drawn characters and lively vein of wit make it a thoroughly satisfying story.


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