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Clarence Budington Kelland

The Lady and the Giant

Robert Hale 1960
Jacket artwork: Fox

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TT was hard to decide which caused the more talk in sedate little Syracuse, that fall of 1869—the arrival of the mysteri-ous Madam Cissy Janeway or the discovery of the fabulous petrified giant in nearby Cardiff. With so much excitement, it was not surprising that there was so little curiosity about Orrin Applegate's discovery of the unknown murdered man. And even Orrin, as Madam's lawyer, had more to worry about than an unsolved crime.

His client was far too rich and beautiful not to arouse envy and suspicion; and she was much too reticent about her past not to worry Orrin when his young neighbour, Lossie, fell completely under her spell. Brilliant society parties and backroom intrigues of bankers, the titanic battle over the Cardiff Giant and the lusty feats of Erie Canalers make a colourful setting for this story of love and violence, and a woman's fanatically guarded secret.

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