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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Mardi Douglas 1932 Apr 32. Dust jacket 7/6
A Pattern in Yellow Douglas 1932 Sept 32. DW 7/6
Fetish Elkin Mathews 1933 Dw 7/6
Strange Salvation Elkin Mathews 1934 May 34. Dw 7/6
Comedian Nicholson 1934 Nov 34. Dw 7/6
Decoration Watson 1935 Dw 7/6
Return to the River Ditto 1936 Dw 7/6
Go Find a Shadow Jarrolds 1937 Dw 7/6
The House by the Canal Jarrolds 1938 Jan 38. Dw 7/6
The Golden Milestone Ditto 1939 Feb 39. Dw 7/6
No Time to Play Ditto 1939 Nov 39. Dw 7/6
Stand-in for Danger Ditto 1940 Dw 8/6
Lady Gone Astray Jarrolds 1941 Apr 41. Dw 7/6
Hubin says '39 but BL and ECB call for 1941
The Mice Are Not Amused Jarrolds 1942 Dw 8/6
Plenty Under the Counter Ditto 1943 Dw 8/6
Thanks for the Apple Jarrolds 1947  
Murder in the Ballroom Ditto 1948  
Still the World Is Young Jarrolds 1951  
Three Rainbows Ditto 1952  
One Man's Woman Ditto 1954  
Harmony in Autumn Jarrolds 1955  

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Further Information
Kathleen Hewitt, born 1893, was a pseudonym of Dorothea Martin who was born in India whilst her parents were working there as missionaries.


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