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Kathleen A Shoesmith Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Jack O'Lantern Robert Hale 1969
Cloud Over Calderwood Robert Hale 1969
The Tides of Tremannion Robert Hale 1970
Return of the Royalist Robert Hale 1971
Mallory's Luck Robert Hale 1971
Reluctant Puritan Robert Hale 1972
Belltower Robert Hale 1973
The Highwayman's Daughter Robert Hale 1973
The Black Domino Robert Hale 1975
Elusive Legacy Robert Hale 1976
The Miser's Ward Robert Hale 1977
Smugglers Haunt Robert Hale 1978
Guardian at the Gate Robert Hale 1979
Brackenthorpe Robert Hale 1980
Autumn Escapade Robert Hale 1981
Rustic Vineyard Robert Hale 1982
A minor Bequest Robert Hale 1984

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Kathleen A Shoesmith Author Biography - Information About the Author
Kathleen Anne Shoesmith was born in 1938.
We've included a list of this author's books because she is included in Hubin, as are the majority of books listed above.
As well as the novels Shoesmith also wrote some non-fiction work and some children's books
The novels above are rare in first edition format with dust jackets, authors in this genre on this publisher would often see, effictively, their entire print go to public library allocation.
Some of the books were published in America, many as paperback originals.

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