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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death Must Have Laughed Putnam 1932 Feb '32. DJ priced at 7/6
Who Spoke Last ? Putnam 1932 Oct '32. DJ priced at 7/6
Amos Petrie's Puzzle Bles 1933 DJ priced at 7/6
Murder Nine and Out Bles 1934 DJ priced at 7/6
Death Joins the Party Bles 1935 DJ priced at 7/6
Homicide Haven Collins Crime Club 1935 Jacket priced at 7/6
Below the Clock Collins Crime Club 1936 Jacket priced at 7/6

Further Information
JV Turner, John Victor, born 1900 and died 1945 had a main series character that appeared in all of the above books, Amos Petrie. This was a pseudonym used by David Hume.


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