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June Drummond Bibliography

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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Black Unicorn Gollancz 1959  
Thursday's Child Gollancz 1961 non-mystery
Time to Speak Gollancz 1962 non-criminous
A Cage of Humming-Birds Gollancz 1964 novel
Welcome Proud Lady Gollancz 1964 US: 1968 Holt Rinehart
Cable-Car Gollancz 1965 US: 1967 Holt
The Saboteurs Gollancz 1967 US: 1969 Holt
The Gantry Episode Gollancz 1968 US: 1968 Holt as Murder on a Bad Trip
The People in Glass House Gollancz 1969 US: 1970 Schuster
Farewell Party Gollancz 1971 US: 1973 Dodd Mead
Bang Bang You're Dead Gollancz 1973  
The Boon Companions Collins 1974 US: 1976 Walker as Drop Dead
Slowly the Poison Gollancz 1975 US: 1976 Walker
Funeral Urn Gollancz 1976 US: 1977 Walker
The Patriots Gollancz 1979  
I Saw Him Die Gollancz 1979  
Such a Nice Family Gollancz 1980  
The Trojan Mule Gollancz 1982  
The Bluestocking Gollancz 1985  
Junta Gollancz 1989  
The Unsuitable Miss Pelham Gollancz 1990  
Burden of Guilt Gollancz 1991  
The Impostor Gollancz 1992  
Hidden Agenda Gollancz 1993  
Loose Cannon Robert Hale 2003  
The Meddlers Robert Hale 2004  
Old Bones Buried Under Robert Hale 2006  
Countdown Murder Robert Hale 2008  
Dead shot Robert Hale 2011  

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Further Information
June Drummond, born 15 November 1923, died in 2011, in South Africa, is a solid author whose backgrounds usually hold greater appeal than her characters, who can sometimes feel a little 'thin'.  English editions precede in all cases and several titles saw no American publication at all. There are a couple of alternative titles and we have duly noted these in the checklist. None of the books, in 1st edition status, would be regarded as particularly rare and obtaining a full set in dust jackets should be possible.

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