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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Both Sides of the case Arthur Barker 1958
The Case Continued Arthur Barker 1959 Dust jacket artwork by Dickson
Case Proceeding Arthur Barker 1960 Dust jacket priced 16s
Case for the Accused Arthur Barker 1961
Case for Trial Arthur Barker 1962
Case for Hearing Arthur Barker 1963
Case for Court Arthur Barker 1964
The Case Re-Opened Arthur Barker 1965
The Krakatao Colt Arthur Barker 1966 Hubin mistakenly calls for "cult" not "colt"
Case Counterfeit Arthur Barker 1967 Not listed by Hubin
Dustwrapper by Brian Keogh

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Julian Prescot Author Biography - Information About the Author
Julian Prescot is a pseudonym of John Budd.
According to the Library of Congress none of the books listed above were published in the USA.
Being the same publisher with uniform format nad attractive dust jacket artwork makes them additionally satisfying for the book collector.
We used to find they were very popular with the legal profession.
Book collectors should be able to put a full set of first edition books together and there are also some reprints in Pan paperback for readers

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