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Josephine Kains Bibliography

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Josephine Kains Series Character: Terry Spring

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Josephine Kains Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Devil Mask Mystery Kensington Publishing 1978 Based in Massachusetts
Zebra Mystery Puzzler #3
The Curse of the Golden Skull Kensington Publishing 1978 Book set in the Caribbean
Zebra Mystery Puzzler #7
The Green Lama Mystery Kensington Publishing 1979 Book based in San Francisco
Zebra Mystery Puzzler #20
The Whispering Cat Mystery Kensington Publishing 1979 Story set in New Orleans
Zebra Mystery Puzzler #27
The Witch's Tower Mystery Kensington Publishing 1979 Based in Connecticut
Zebra Mystery Puzzler #44
The Laughing Dragon Mystery Kensington Publishing 1980 A mystery in San Francisco
Zebra Mystery Puzzler #58

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Josephine Kains Author Biography - Information About the Author
Josephine Kains is a pseudonym of Ronald Joseph Goulart, Ron Goulart, who was born in 1933.
The American Library of Congress lists only two books by Josephine Kains and the British Library none.
The books are paperback originals, all feature the series character Terry Spring in various locations, all mentioned, and the books are listed in order of publication.
They were not published in the UK but some copies have found their way over here.
The books are surprisingly scarce, even online, collectors and readers may have to pay rather more than they'd expect if looking to put a full set of books together.

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