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Joseph Nazel Series Characters: Black - Iceman

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
My Name is Black Pinnacle 1973
Canadian Kill Holloway 1974
The Golden Shaft Holloway 1974 Iceman 2
Sunday Fix Holloway 1974 Iceman 4
Spinning Target Holloway 1974 Iceman 5
Slick Revenge Holloway 1974
Black is Black Pinnacle 1974
The Black Exorcist Holloway 1974
Billion Dollar Death Holloway 1974
The Shakedown Holloway 1975 Iceman 7
Death for Hire Holloway 1975
Killer Cop Holloway 1975 Tale of a LA Rogue Cop
The Black Gestapo Holloway 1975
Black Uprising Holloway 1976
Black Prophet Holloway 1976
Black Fury Holloway 1976
Spider's Web Holloway 1978
Dr Feel Good Holloway 1978
No Place to Die Holloway 1979
Street Wars Holloway 1987

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Joseph Nazel Author Biography - Information About the Author
Joseph Nazel was born in 1944.
The author is listed in Hubin though the list of books is only a selection. We've listed all the books we could find using every resource available to us including the American Library of Congress.
If you know of any more Joseph Nazel books (fiction) not included in this list then please do let us know the details and we'll update this bibliography.

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