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Joseph Hone Series Character: Peter Marlow

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Joseph Hone Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Private Sector Hamish Hamilton 1971 US: E. P. Dutton, 1972
UK paperback Coronet, 1975
The Dancing Waiters some collected travels Hamish Hamilton 1975 Introduction by James Cameron
The Sixth Directorate Secker & Warburg 1975 US: E.P. Dutton, 1975
British paperback Coronet, 1977
The Paris Trap Secker & Warburg 1977
Irish Ghost Stories - Robert Bernen Hamish Hamilton 1977 Edited by Joseph Hone
The Flowers of the Forest Secker & Warburg 1980 US: Random House 1980 as The Oxford Gambit
UK softcover: Hamlyn Paperbacks, 1983
Gone Tomorrow Secker & Warburg 1981 "some more collected travels"
The Valley of the Fox Secker & Warburg 1982 US: St Martin's press, 1982
UK softcover: Hamlyn Paperbacks, 1984
Children of the Country Hamish Hamilton 1986 Reissued Oxford : 1987
Duck Soup in the Black Sea Hamish Hamilton 1988 "further collected travels"
Summer Hill Sinclair-Stevenson 1990 British paperback: Pan 1992
Return to Summer Hill Pan Macmillan 1992 Paperback. No hardback in British Library
Firesong Sinclair-Stevenson 1997 "a novel of Russia"
British paperback: Pan 2004
Wicked Little Joe Lilliput Press 2009 "A tale of childhood and youth"
Goodbye Again Lilliput Press 2011

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Joseph Hone Author Biography - Information About the Author
Joseph Hone, born 1937 and died 2016, is listed in Hubin's crime fiction "bible" his work is espionage / spy in genre rather than traditional crime and mystery fiction.
This JOseph HOne bibliography contains the author's non-fiction work too, every publication held by the major UK libraries so it should be a complete list of books.
Faber and Faber reissued the Peter Marlow novels in a uniform set of paperbacks in 2014.
The Peter Marlow books are sought after by book collectors, having read them all I can say they are excellent books in the spy genre, deserving of greater recognition.
The first editions in dust jacket are tricky to find, short print runs and library allocations make fine copies difficult to locate. Expect prices to reflect this though they are not prohibitive for serious collectors.
Readers are well-served with paperbacks readily available form online sellers

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