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Jonathan Valin's Series Character: Harry Stoner

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Lime Pit Dodd mead 1980 UK: 1981 Collins Crime Club
Final Notice Dodd Mead 1980 UK: 1981 Collins
Dead Letter Ditto 1981 UK: 1982 Collins
Dust jacket photo by Paddy Eckersley
Day of Wrath Congdon 1982 UK: 1983 Collins
Natural Causes Congdon 1983 UK: 1984 Collins
Life's Work Delacorte 1986 UK: 1988 Century
Fire Lake Delacorte 1987 UK: 1989 Century/Mysterious
Extenuating Circumstances Ditto 1989  
Second Chance Delacorte 1991  
The Music Lovers Ditto 1993 UK: 1993 Collins
Missing Ditto 1995  

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Further Information
Jonathan Valin, born in America 1948, has one main series character, who I believe, appears in all the books listed above, Harry Stoner. Stoner is an American Private Eye, born of the hard-boiled school. He is a good solid character and always well set, the books are deserving of wider appreciation on this side of the Atlantic. In all cases, the American editions precede the English 1st editions. I have been unable to find record of some titles being released in the UK. As they are not listed in the British Library, or indeed elsewhere, we presume there was no British edition.


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