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John Rhode

They Watched by Night

Collins Crime Club 1941
Jacket artwork by Thompson

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JOHN RHODE has beaten his own magnificent record for ingenuity in this splendid new story. An army research camp whose existence is absolutely secret, is bombed three times. Is there a fifth columnist at work ? And if so, what are his methods ? Inspector Jimmy Waghorn, now of the Intelligence, and Superintendent Han-slet investigate the matter, but they fail to prevent further attacks and the camp has to be moved elsewhere. Then the chief of the local Special Constabulary is burned to death in his own summerhouse, which happened to be an excellent vantage point for spotting any signallers. This event merely complicates the problem until Dr. Priestley takes a hand and reveals the identity of the traitor and shows how he succeeds in his plans.

John Rhode

Thompson Artist

Classic Crime Fiction

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