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John Rhode

Men Die at Cyprus Lodge

Collins Crime Club 1943

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EVEN in these days of acute housing shortage there are some houses that no one seems to want. Cyprus Lodge was one of these. It was the despair of Messrs. Elliot and Frod-sham, estate agents in the little town of Troutwich. Yet Cyprus Lodge was an attractive enough residence that suffered unfortunately from a persistent local rumour that it was haunted. And certainly strange things had happened there in the past and tenants had died in rather mysterious ways. It was the death, however, of Sir Philip Briningham, whose hobby for many years had been investigating haunted houses, which first caused Inspector Jimmy Waghprn to pay particular attention to Cyprus Lodge, and he was followed in due course by Superintendent Hanslet and Dr. Priestley. With that trio of crime investigators the reader is assured of a really brilliant detective story.

John Rhode

Classic Crime Fiction

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