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John & Emery Bonett Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Dead Lion Joseph 1949  
A Banner for Pegasus Joseph 1951 US: Not in the Script
No Grave for a Lady Joseph 1960 US precedes
Better Dead Joseph 1964 US: Better Off Dead
The Private Face of Murder Joseph 1966  
This Side Murder Joseph 1967 US: Murder on Costa Brava
The Sound of Murder Harrap 1970  
No Time to Kill Harrap 1972  
Perish the Thought Hale 1984  

Further Information
John & Emery Bonett were the noms de plume of John Coulson and Felicity Carter, whose series characters were Inspector Borges and Professor Mandrake. The books are perhaps better known to collectors than readers. This is a shame, as their characters, especially Mandrake, are well constructed and set in well plotted scenarios. English editions, except for one, precede and print runs were relatively small, making them uncommon in collectable condition. The hyperlinked titles above go to pictures of the first two books in their classic jackets.


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