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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Game of Flesh Bedside Books 1959 "A wanton gigolo and the love starved women"!!
Reprinted Lancer 1963
North Beach Girl Gold medal 1960 Also published as Strange Lovers Macfadden 1967
The book is set in San Francisco
UK: Frederick Muller 1961
The Big Grab Sharon Publications 1960 A cool $250,000 heist
Once a Thief Modern Promotions 1961 Reprinted Manor Book 1973
The Savage Breast Gold Medal 1961 "She was a man-eating tigress who couldn't be tamed" !!
UK: Gold Medal (Muller) 1962
Scratch a Thief Ace 1961 et in San Francisco
House Of Evil Pyramid Books 1962 Cover artist Jack Thurston
Set in Los Angeles, Hollywood sex cult
Any Number Can Win Pyramid Books 1963 A plan to rob the richest casino, heist thriller
Scandal On The Sand Gold Medal Books 1964 Cover artwork by McGinnis
Scandal on the Sand Gold Medal 1964 "Sordid misfits on a beach" !

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John Trinian Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Trinian is a Hubin listed author.
This has been a complicated bibliography as the books were often reprinted two or three times on different publishers.
We've tried to sort out the true firsts, paperback originals, in some cases we've found earlier editions than those listed in Hubin.
The American Library of Congress was of little help as it lists only two books.
We've included the only British editions we could find, both held by the British Library.

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