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John Robb Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

John Robb Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Four Corpses in a Million Wells Gardner 1942 Series: Big Ben Books
Space Beam Hamilton & Co 1951
American Legionnaire Hamilton & Co 1952
Patrol to Zaruse Hamilton & Co 1952
Revolt in the Desert Hamilton & Co 1952
The Lost Garrison Hamilton & Co 1952
The Last Deserter Hamilton & Co 1952
Storm Evil Hamilton & Co 1954
We - the Condemned Hamilton & Co 1954
Zone Zero Hamilton & Co 1954
Advance South Hamilton & Co 1955
State of Emergency Hamilton & Co 1955
Mission of Mercy Hamilton & Co 1955
Sioux Arrow by John Robb Hutchinson 1956
Traitors' Territory Hutchinson 1957
Oasis Army by John Robb Hutchinson 1958
Ten guns for Shelby Hutchinson 1958
Gun Town Marshal Collins 1959 A 'Catsfoot' Western
Cry Apaches: a Catsfoot' Western Collins 1960
Front Page Story Hutchinson 1960 The drama of newspapers
Red Radford and the Black Legion Collins 1960
Wells Fargo by John Robb Collins 1961
Red Radford and Operation Kidnap Collins 1961
Red Radford and Iron Guard Collins 1961
Kit Collins War Scout Collins 1962
The Book of Cowboys Collins 1963 Illustrated by Roger Hall
The Rimfire Riders Children's Press 1967 Series: Boys' and girls' library
A Season of Chariots Robert Hale 1968
Tall Fury Riding: a Rae and Shelby western Hutchinson 1969 Illustrated by Michael Cole
Last Duel at Wartop Hutchinson 1971
Nero - Beloved Robert Hale 1971

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John Robb Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Robb is a pseudonym of Norman Robson.
John Robb is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference book but only six or seven of his books are regarded as crime fiction, some of those are borderline in our opinion.
We've gone for a complete list of books in order though, every book by John Robb held in the British, Irish and Oxford libraries, well beyond the scope of Hubin so hopefully a complete bibliography of the author's books.
The western novels, benefitting from som egreat period "cowboy" dust jacket artwork, are relatively common though the other books are quite rare in dust jacket.

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