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John Remenham Series Character: Inspector Bliss

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Canal Mystery Skeffington 1928
Fog. A Dartmoor Mystery Skeffington 1929
Arsenic Skeffington 1930
Sea Gold Skeffington 1930 British Library et al have two dates: 1930 and 1931
The Dump. A Mystery Novel Skeffington 1931
Tregear's Treasure. A novel Skeffington 1932
The Loom. A Mystery Story Skeffington 1933
Righteous Abel Macdonald 1943
Seed of Envy Macdonald 1944
The Lurking Shadow Macdonald 1946
The Peacemaker Macdonald 1947 More Sci-Fi. Dust jacket by Denis Wrigley
The Crooked Bough Macdonald 1948 Dustwrapper priced at 8s.6d net

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John Remenham Biography - Information About the Author
John Remenham is a pseudonym of John Alexander Vlasto born 1877 and died 1958.
The books were only published in Britian, no American editions as far as I'm aware.
Expect most of these first edition books to be undated.
The early titles are very rare in dust jacket, the Macdonald books less so but still uncommon with jacket in collectable condition.
The Peacemaker is listed in both The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Hubin !?

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