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John Reese Series Character: Jefferosn Hewitt

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Looters Random House 1968 UK: Robert Hale 1969
Book set in California
Pity Us All Random House 1969 UK: Robert Hale 1970
Book set in Los Angeles
Weapon Heavy Doubleday 1973 UK: Milton House Books, 1975
Set in Kansas
The Sharpshooter Doubleday 1974 UK: Robert Hale 1978. A Western novel
Texas Gold Doubleday 1975 UK: Robert Hale 1978. A Western
Omar, Fats and Trixie Gold Medal 1976 Set in Las Vegas, not published in Britain
Wes Hardin's Gun Doubleday 1975 UK: Robert Hale 1979. A Western

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John Reese Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Henry Reese is a Hubin listed mystery author and his series character is Jefferson Hewitt.
We've included all the titles listed in Hubin's Crime Fiction reference guide and cross checked them with the British Library and the American Library of Congress,
Clearly some of the books are not in the crime and mystery genre another one of the more questionable entries in Hubin.
American first edition books precede the British editions in all cases.

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