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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Lonely Hearts Viking 1989 Blue cloth, black letters. DW 11.95
Rough Treatment Viking 1990 Black and silver. DJ 12.99
Cutting Edge Viking 1991  
Off Minor Viking 1992  
Wasted Years Viking 1993 Black cloth, silver lettering
Cold Light Heinemann 1994 Black boards, gold titles
Living Proof Heinemann 1995  
Easy Meat Heinemann 1996 Black - gilt. jacket 15.99
Still Water Heinemann 1997 Brown - gilt. jacket 15.99
Last Rites Heinemann 1998  

Further Information

This series gained considerable popularity after the successful television adaptation. Collectors should be aware of the printers key or so called number line. When present in these books the number 1 should always be present, if not then the book is a reprint and devoid of collectable value. An example from the Lonely Hearts is 10987654321. An example from Heinemann is 13579108642. The author has also done regular signing sessions and promotional work, so signed copies are not particularly rare

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