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John G. Rowe Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Captain's Fag Geraldine Press 1896
O'er veldt & through Scrub Harmsworth Brothers 1897
Webs of Mystery Walter Scott 1900 6 detective stories
The Middies of the Gadfly ? 1900
The Fourth Form at St. Ethelred's ? 1902
In Nelson's Day Walter Scott 1905
The Island Treasure The nugget library 1907
Rising to Fortune The nugget library 1907 The mystery of the ironworks
Danger on the Line, or, The mystic Ring The nugget library 1907
Fighting the Flames, or, The rival firemen The nugget library 1907
Round the World in a Motor-Car The nugget library 1907
Deep in the Mine, or, Pitmen foes The nugget library 1907
Bully Hayes, Blackbirder Sealy, Bryers 1908
For his Father's Honour David Nutt 1909
The Lightship Pirates The Nugget library 1910
Paul Farquhar's Legacy Dublin 1910
The Messenger-Boy Detective The Nugget library 1910
Tom Lester and the Tidcombe Case The nugget library 1911 An exciting school detective story
Spies of the Secret Police The nugget library 1912
The Romance of Irish History Longmans 1913 Not crime fiction
Proving his Mettle Epworth Press 1919
The Boys of Fellingham School Harrap 1919
Historic Struggles for the Faith Sands 1919
For Honour and Freedom Epworth Press 1920
The Demon Bowler of Hedingham Boys' Own Library 1921
The Island Mine Lloyd's Boy's Adventure 1921
The Boxing Twins Boys' Own Library 1922
The Prize-Fighter's Son Boys' Own Library 1922
From Workshop to Parliament Boys' Own Library 1922
The Council School Champions Boys' Own Library 1922
The Seared Hand 1925 A London detective story
Queen Alexandra the Beloved Epworth Press 1925
John Howard Epworth Press 1927 Prison reformer and philanthropist
The Yachting Schoolboys Epworth Press 1927
The White Prince of the Incas Epworth Press 1928
The Boy Detectives Epworth Press 1931
Gentleman George Modern Publishing 1935
The Fighting Lieutenant Modern Publishing 1935
The Cartsley Mystery Modern Publishing 1935
The Mystery of the Derelict Modern Publishing 1935
Spies of the Secret Police Modern Publishing 1935
Struck Down Modern Publishing 1935
The Secret of the Old Lighthouse John Crowther 1945
Very Gallant Gentlemen John Crowther 1947

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John G. Rowe Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Gabriel Rowe was born in 1874 ind is listed in Hubin.
This should have been a short and simple bibliography of mystery fiction books but it turned into a nightmare as we've done a complete list of books held in the British Library, plus Oxford, Edinburgh and Dublin.
There are also numerous books in a Tufty series for children.
Crime fiction book collectors should pay attention to the books published by Modern Publishing and disregard the rest.

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