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John Flagg Bibliography

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John Flagg Series Character: Hart Muldoon

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

John Flagg Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Persian Cat Gold Medal 1950 Book based in Iran
Death and the Naked Lady Gold Medal 1951 UK: Frederick Muller 1953
A maritime mystery
The Lady and the Cheetah Gold Medal 1951 UK: Frederick Muller 1954
Set in Italy
Woman of Cairo Gold Medal 1953 UK: Frederick Muller 1954
Book set in Cairo
Dear Deadly Beloved Gold Medal 1954 UK: Frederick Muller 1958
Set in Italy
Murder in Monaco Gold Medal 1957 UK: L. Miller & Co 1959
Death's Lovely Mask Gold Medal 1958 Fawcett Publications 1960
A Venice based mystery book
The Paradise Gun Gold Medal 1961 UK: Frederick Muller 1962

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John Flagg Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Flagg is a pseudonym of John Gearon whose series character is Hart Muldoon.
All of the books in the bibliography above are paperback originals, first editions in softcover, this includes the British editions too.
All of John Flagg's books are available in the secondhand market, not so common in the now sadly rare secondhand bookshops but readily available online for modest sums.

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