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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

John Farrimond Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dust in My Throat George Harrap 1963 Reprinted Transworld Publishers 1964. Corgi
The Hollow Shell Harrap 1964
Kill Me a Priest Harrap 1965
Pick and Run Harrap 1966
No Friday in the Week Harrap 1967
The Unending Track Harrap 1970
The Hills of Heaven BBC 1978 Illustrated by Jeffrey Diamond
The Weather Makers BBC 1980 Told in Jackanory by Brigit Forsyth
Illustrated by Wendy Hall

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John Farrimond Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Farrimond was born in 1913 and is listed in Hubin's mystery fiction index.
This is another one of Hubin's borderline listings (to say the least)
The good news is that first editions in dust jacket can be bought for reasonable prices.

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