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This bibliography contains John Easton's mystery books
American editions precede their British counterparts
Main series character: Not known
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Title Published By Date Issue Points - Notes
Dog Face Allan 1927 UK: Revised in 1937 Eyre
Matheson Fever Allan 1928  
Red Sap Putnam 1930 UK Also published by Putnam
1938 UK revised edition by Eyre
Ferrol Bond Putnam 1933 UK: 1933 Putnam
Red cloth, gilt letters. Jacket priced 7/6
Old Granstock Grayson 1934  

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Richard Hawke, a retired Indian civilian, is worried about the situation in India, especially on account of the terrorist campaign in his old Province. Suddenly he glimpses in London a mart whom he had thought he had killed in India twenty-live years previously ; at the same time he gets information that leads him to suspect that revolvers are being smuggled from England into India. Investigations in England finally lead him to return to India, where a series of exciting adventures in the Secret Service leads to the un-masking of the smugglers and their plan and the stamping out of the terrorists.



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