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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death of an Alderman Cassell 1968 US: 1968 Walker
Death in Midwinter Cassell 1969 US: 1969 Walker
Hangman's Tide Macmillan 1975 US: 1975 St Martin's
No Birds Sang Macmillan 1975 US: 1976 St Martin's
Rescue from the Rose Macmillan 1976 US: 1976 St Martin's
Gamekeeper's Gallows Macmillan 1976 US: 1977 St Martin's
Dead Nettle Macmillan 1977 US: 1977 St Martin's
Some Run Crooked Macmillan 1978 US: 1978 St Martin's
The Anathema Stone Collins Crime Club 1980 US: 1980 St Martin's
Playground of Death Ditto 1981 US: 1983 St Martin's
Surrender Value Ditto 1981 US: 1981 St Martin's
The Green Frontier Collins Crime Club 1981 US: 1982 St Martin's
The Sunset Law Ditto 1982 US: 1982 St Martin's
Mr Fred Collins Crime Club 1983 US: 1983 St Martin's
 The Asking Price Ditto 1983 US: 1983 St Martin's
Corridors of Guilt Collins Crime Club 1984 US: 1984 St Martin's
The Hobbema Prospect As Above 1984 US: 1984 as above
Passion in the Peak As Above 1985 US: 1985 ditto
The Innocents at Home As Above 1986 US: 1986 ditto
Moondrop to Murder As Above 1986 US: 1986 ditto
Displaced Person As Above 1987 US: 1987 ditto

Uncollected Short Stories
Taken at the Ebb - in Winter's Crimes 7 - Macmillan, 1975.
Bellany's Bus - Winter's Crimes 8 - Macmillan, 1976.
Saskja.- Winter's Crimes 1O - Macmillan, 1978.
The Wedding Party - Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine  27 October 1980.

The Author also Wrote as John Greenwood

Murder Mr. Mosley - Quartet - US: 1983 Walker
Mosley by Moonlight - Quartet, 1984.

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Further Information
John Buxton Hilton In his own words

I suppose I am less interested in puzzles—and certainly less in violence—than m character, local colour, folk-lore, social history, and historical influences, most of which loom large in most of my books. With these ingredients I try to write the sort of books that 1 wish 1 could find to read. I believe that the distinction between suspense fiction and the "literary" novel is an unreal one and my effort is to bridge the gap. Consequently 1 believe that my books should appeal to readers of some literary sensitivity who do not normally read "thrillers."

English editions precede their American counterparts in all circumstances. The books are well liked though seem to be of greater interest to readers than collectors. This makes them excellent value and a full set of first editions can be put together for a very reasonable sum. British editions should all carry a price on the inside front flap


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