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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
White August Joseph 1955 US: 1955 Arcadia
No Refuge Joseph 1956  
Queer Fish Boardman 1958  
The League of Gentlemen Boardman 1958  
Mysterious Way Boardman 1959  
Bitter Fortune Boardman 1959  
Operation Red Carpet Boardman 1959  
The Midas Touch Boardman 1960  
Negative Value Boardman 1960  
The Gentlemen Reform Boardman 1961 US: 1964 Macmillan
Inside Job Boardman 1961  
Vendetta Boardman 1961  
The Golden Fleece Boardman 1961  
The Gentlemen at Large Boardman 1962 US: 1968 Award
Fatal Error Boardman 1962  
Counterpol Harrap 1963 US: 1965 Walker
The Catch Harrap 1964 US: 1966 Holt
Counterpol in Paris Harrap 1964 US: 1965 Walker
The Good Citizens Harrap 1965  
The Disposal Unit Harrap 1966  
The Gusher Harrap 1967  
Painted Lady Cassell 1967  
Breakdown Cassell 1968  
The Fourth Grave Cassell 1969  
The Shakespeare Curse Cassell 1969 US: 1970 Walker
Kidnap Cassell 1970  
The Big Job Cassell 1970  
The Trade of Kings Crowborough 1972  

Further Information
John Boland, born 12 February 1913, died 1976, had a varied career working as a deckhand, farm labourer, lumberjack and railway worker , amongst many other jobs. His main series character was The Gentlemen ; Kim Smith.


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