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The following John Blackburn bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
A Scent of New-Mown Hay Secker 1958  
A Sour Apple Tree Warburg 1958  
Broken Boy Warburg 1959  
Dead Man Running Secker 1960  
The Gaunt Woman Cape 1962  
Blue Octavo Ditto 1963  
Colonel Bogus Ditto 1964  
The Winds of Midnight Cape 1964  
A Ring of Roses Ditto 1965  
Children of the Night Ditto 1966  
The Flame and the Wind Ditto 1967  
Nothing But the Night Cape 1968  
The Young Man from Lima Ditto 1968  
Bury Him Darkly Ditto 1969  
Blow the House Down Ditto 1970  
The Household Traitors Cape 1971  
Devil Daddy Ditto 1972  
For Fear of Little Men Ditto 1972  
Deep among the Dead Men Cape 1973  
Our Lady of Pain Ditto 1974  
Mister Brown's Bodies Ditto 1975 Black boards, gilt titles, wrapper 2.25
The Face of the Lion Ditto 1976  
The Cyclops Goblet Ditto 1977  
Dead Man's Handle Ditto 1978  
The Sins of the Father Cape 1978 Black boards, gilt titles, wrapper 3.95
A Beastly Business Hale 1982  
The Book of the Dead Hale 1984  
The Bad Penny Hale 1985 Black cloth, silver lettering. Jacket 7.75

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Further Information
John Blackburn, born 26 June 1923 in Northumberland England. His man series character is General Charles Kirk. Several of the titles mentioned have alternative titles in America. English editions precede in all cases. Some of the books listed here do lean towards the suspense and espionage genre.


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