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John Addiscombe aka John Hunter

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Kingdom of Dreams Hurst and Blackett 1927 Not crime fiction
Drums of Death Hurst and Blackett 1929
Beyond Repentance F. M. Mowl 1934 Not detective fiction
The Iron Army George Newnes 1935 Not crime fiction
Marked Cards Gramol Publications 1935
Fighting Blood F. M. Mowl 1935
The Speed King Gramol Publications 1935 Not detective fiction
The Errant Lovers Gramol Publications 1936
The Triangle of the Grey Wolf Gramol Publications 1937
The Silk Scarf Murders. Gramol Publications 1937
The Secret of the Graveyard Gramol Publications 1937

John Addiscombe Biography - Information About the Author
John Addiscombe was a pseudonym of (Alfred) John Hunter born 1891 and died 1961. Books published in the same year may not be in chronological order I'm afraid.
Collectors have something of a task with this author, the books are very scarce in our experience.


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