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Joe Poyer Bibliography

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Joe Poyer Series Character: Cole Brogan

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Operation Malacca Doubleday 1968 UK: Sphere 1976 (paperback)
Backdrop Indian Ocean
North Cape Doubleday 1969 UK: Gollancz 1970
The Balkan Assignment Doubleday 1971 UK: Gollancz 1972
The Chinese Agenda Doubleday 1972 UK: Gollancz 1973
The Shooting of the Green Doubleday 1973 UK: Arthur Barker 1974
Also published by Sphere 1978 as Hell Shot
Book set in Ireland
The Day of Reckoning ? ? UK: Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1976
The Contract Atheneum 1978 UK: Gollancz 1978
Tunnel War Atheneum 1979 UK: Michael Joseph 1980
Book set in England 1911
Vengeance 10 Atheneum 1980 UK: Michael Joseph 1981
Devoted Friends Scribner 1982
Time of War The Transgressors Piatkus 1983 UK: Sphere 1983 softcover
A time of War Come Evil Days Little Brown 1985 UK: Sphere 1985 paperback
45-70 Springfield North Cape 1991 With Craig Riesch
U.S. Winchester trench and riot guns North Cape 1992 and other U.S. combat shotguns
M1 Garand : 1936 to 1957 North Cape 1995
SKS Carbine (CKC45g) North Cape 1996 Steve Kehaya and Joe Poyer
M14-Type Rifle North Cape 1997 A shooter's and collector's guide
Swedish Mauser Rifle North Cape 1999 Steve Kehaya and Joe Poyer
M1903 Springfield rifle North Cape 2001
American Krag rifle and carbine North Cape 2002
Swiss magazine loading rifles, 1869-1958 North Cape 2003
AK-47 AK-74 Kalashnikov rifles North Cape 2006 a shooter's and collector's guide
Model 1911 and Model 1911A1 North Cape 2008 military and commercial pistols

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Joe Poyer Author Biography - Information About the Author
Joe Poyer - Joseph John Poyer Jr, was born in 1939, he is Hubin listed and his main series character is Cole Brogan.
We've taken this bibliography of Joe Poyer's books way beyond Hubin's crime / thriller books and included all the publications held in the US Library of Congress so this should be a complete list of books in order.
After 1983 all the books listed are non-fiction

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