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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Undoubted Deed Chatto & Windus 1956 US: 1956 Knopf as A Capitol Offense
The Naked Villainy Chatto & Windus 1958 US: 1958 Knopf
A Touch of Stagefright Chatto & Windus 1960 Dust jacket artwork by Maitland
A Killing in Hats Chatto & Windus 1965 Dust jacket artwork by Carol Barker
A Treasury Alarm Chatto & Windus 1976 US: 1981 Walker
Murder in Paradise Chatto & Windus 1982 US: 1982 Walker

Dust Jacket Artist: Maitland

Jocelyn Davey Biography - Further Information
Jocelyn Davey, real name Chaim Raphael, was born in Yorkshire on 14 July 1908. Sge studied history at Oxford University, which no doubt gave her the inspiration for her series character. Ambrose Usher, an Oxford philosophy don, appears in all the books listed above. He is a witty and erudite bachelor and not dissimilar to Dorothy L Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey . She also wrote several other works of non-fiction, given the nature of the site, these have been omitted. Two titles saw no American release and in all cases the UK editions precede.

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