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Jeremy Potter Bibliography

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Jeremy Potter Series Character: Sergeant / Inspector Hiscock

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Jeremy Potter Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Hazard Chase Constable 1964 Dust jacket artwork by Peter Barrett
British Library doesn't list the hardback first only:
Panther paperback, a large print & a 1989 reissue
Death in Office Constable 1965
Foul Play Constable 1967 Dust jacket design by Graham Bishop
The Dance of Death Constable 1968 American edition: Walker 1969
A Trail of Blood Constable 1970 US edition: McCall 1971
Set in England in 1536
Going West Constable 1972 A modern thriller
Disgrace and Favour Constable 1975 A novel of Tudor and Stuart times
Dust jacket artist David Harris
Death in the Forest Constable 1977 Dustwrapper artwork by Susan Shields
Based on the life of Edith, Rose of Romsey
Good King Richard ? Constable 1983 An account of Richard III and his reputation 1483-1983
Richard III, Crown and People Alan Sutton 1985 Foreword by Jeremy Potter
Copy held in York Minster Library
Pretenders by Jeremy Potter Constable 1986
Pretenders to the English Throne Barnes & Noble Books 1987 US book, see above
Independent Television in Britain Macmillan 1989
The Primrose Hill Murder Constable 1992
Tennis and Oxford Oxford Unicorn Press 1994 De Luxe edition also published
The Mystery of the Campden Wonder Constable 1995
Headmaster Constable 1998 The life of John Percival, radical autocrat

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Jeremy Potter Author Biography - Information About the Author
Jeremy Potter was born in 1922 and is listed in Allen J. Hubin's Crime Fiction Reference Guide.
We've compiled a complete list of Jeremy Potter's books in order of publication, not just his historical crime fiction so according to all the institional holding libraries this should be a complete bibliography, American editions are noted as and when applicable.
The author's non-fiction books are well regarded and his mystery novels, mostly set in early England, are well regarded by readers and collectors, though in all honesty we've always struggled to sell the first editions, they certainly represent excellent value for money.

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