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Jeff Bogar Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Sucker Bait ? 1950
Duet for a Corpse ! ? 1950
Lady from Hades ? 1950s Cover artist Heade. Not listed in any library
Bullets for My Blonde ! ? 1950
Lady Pass By Gat ! ? 1950 Not in Hubin
Book a Hearse Now ? 1951
Honey Stay Blonde ! ? 1951
Hill-Billy in High Heels ? 1951
Pay-Off for Paula Hamilton & Co 1951 US: Lion 1952 as: The Tigress
Dinah for Danger Hamilton & Co 1951 US: Lion 1952 as: My Gun Her Body
Corruption City ? 1951 Not in Hubin
Frisco Lady ? 1951 Not in Hubin
Road to Las Vegas ? 1951 Not in Hubin
Hoodmen's Bait Hamilton & Co 1953
Fire Zone Hamilton & Co 1954
Pink Film Hamilton & Co 1954
Undercurrent Hamilton & Co 1954
Painted on a Donkey Cart Hamilton & Co 1955
The Speed Queens Hamilton & Co 1955
The Land Pirate Hamilton & Co 1955
The Concrete Curtain Hamilton & Co 1955 Hubin states 1954
Confessions of a Chinatown Doll Universal 195? Not in the British Library et al

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Jeff Bogar Author Biography - Information About the Author
Jeff Bogar is a pseudonym of Ronald Wills Thomas who was born in 1910, he also wrote as Ronald Wills.
We've included alternative titles for American editions when known though the Library of Congress shows no books by this author in their catalogue.
The British Library shows no listings for Jeff Bogar so we've used Trinity College Dublin Library and also Oxford, these don't always list the publisher's name hence some have a question mark.
The books are rare, some great dust jacket and cover artwork too.
Hubin doesn't list some of the books in the bibliography above and also some of his dates vary slightly, we've gone with the library dates.
We hope this is a full list of books but if you know of any other titles please do let us know.

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