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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
One Cried Murder Doubleday 1945 UK: 1946 Walter Edwards
Two Faced Murder Doubleday 1946 UK: 1946 Walter Edwards
A Hair of the Dog Doubleday 1947  
Three-Cornered Murder Doubleday 1948 UK: 1948 H&S
Shoes for My Love Doubleday 1948 Also issued as Blood on My Shoes in 1951
No British edition listed in British Library
 The Man Who Held Five Aces Doubleday 1949 UK: 1950 Hodder & Stoughton
Love The Darling Sin Doubleday 1951 UK: 1952 Hodder & Stoughton.
Red cloth, black titles. jacket 10/6
The Intimate Journal of Warren Winslow Doubleday 1952 UK: 1953 Hodder
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Further Information
Jean Leslie had one main series character, Professor Peter Ponsonby. Sadly this is all we really know of this author, if you have any original information then please do contact us so we can address this - many thanks

We are unsure as to chronology of the two titles published in 1948.

Jacket Blurb from The Darling Sin
"You had to check up on me, didn't you ?" Ellen said bitterly. "You had to make sure; Oh, Stephen, how little faith you have in me !" There was no answer I could make, and we drove the long road home in silence. 1 knew that I would have to find out who had killed Miss Tillie. Ellen knew it, too, and part of her was hating me and would always hate me for what I was doing to her. We were on opposite sides of a yawning chasm and there was no way 1 could reach her with reason or love.


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