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JB Harris Burland Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dacobra, or, The White Priests of Ahriman R.A. Everett & Co 1903
Doctor Silex Ward Lock & Co 1905
The Financier Greening & Co 1906
The Black Motor Car E. Grant Richards 1906
The Broken Law Grant Richards 1906 US edition: 1908 Cupples
Love the Criminal Greening & Co 1907 US edition: 1908 Cupples
The Gold Worshippers Greening & Co 1907
Workers in Darkness Greening & Co 1908
The House of the Soul Chapman & Hall 1909
The Disc Greening & Co 1909 Reprinted by Stanley Paul
The Torhaven Mystery Chapman & Hall 1910
The Secret of Enoch Seal Chapman and Hall 1910
Sunk Island George Newnes 1911
The Shadow of Malreward Chapman and Hall 1911 US book: Knopf 1919
Lord of Irongray. Greening 1911
Life's Golden Web George Newnes 1912
The Grey Cat Chapman & Hall 1913
The Curse of Cloud Chapman & Hall 1914
Baldragon Chapman & Hall 1914
The White Rook Chapman & Hall 1917
The White Box 1917 Doubtful?: Listed in Dublin Holding Library
The Poison League John Bale 1921
The Red Moon John Long 1923
The Brown Book John Long 1923
The Hidden Hour John Long 1925

J.B. Harris Burland Biography - Information About the Author
John Burland Harris Burland (yes Burland twice re British Library) was born 1870 and died in 1926.
Some poetry titles not listed and some non-crime fiction titles also, this should be a complete list of the author's books as held by the British Library et al.


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