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Jared Ingersol Pen Name of Lauran Bosworth Paine

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Night of the Crisis Robert Hale 1968
A Game Called Murder Robert Hale 1969
A Rose Can Kill Robert Hale 1969
The Beautiful Murder Robert Hale 1970
Diamond Fingers Robert Hale 1970
The Jade Eye Robert Hale 1970
The Steel Garrotte Robert Hale 1970
The Man Who Stole Heaven Robert Hale 1971
The Killer's Conscience Robert Hale 1971
The Money Murder Robert Hale 1971
The Non-Murder Robert Hale 1972
The Man Who Made Roubles Robert Hale 1972
The Golden Gloves Robert Hale 1973
A Fine Day for Murder Robert Hale 1974
The Witchcraft Murder Robert Hale 1975

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Jared Ingersol Biography
Jared Ingersol is a pseudonym of Lauran Bosworth Paine born in 1916.
Collectors will not find it easy to put together a fine set of these books, despite being relatively modern. As so often with this publisher the majority of the print run was accounted for by Public Library pre-orders making non-library copies very scarce. Those seeking a full set may want to consider ex-library copies as the wait for a fine copy may prove endless. The books aren't too expensive so upgrades later, should the chance arise, on are not the end of the world.


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