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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Half of Paradise Mifflin 1965 US only
To the Bright and Shinning Sun Scribner's 1970 US signed limited also
Lay Down My Sword and Shield Crowell 1971 US only
Two for Texas Pocket 1982 US only, wraps
The Lost Get-Back Boogie LSUP 1986 American only
The neon Rain Mysterious 1989  
Heaven's Prisoners Century 1990  
Black Cherry Blues Century 1990  
A Morning for Flamingos Century 1992  
A Stained White Radiance Century 1993  
In the Electric Mist Orion 1993  
Dixie City Jam Orion 1994  
Burning Angel Orion 1995  
Cadillac Jukebox Orion 1996  
The Cimarron Rose Orion 1997 precedes the US edition
Sunset Limited Orion 1998 Scorpion Press signed limited also issued
Heartwood Orion 1999  
Purple Cane Road Orion 2000  
Bitterroot Orion 2001  
Jolie Blon's Bounce Orion 2002  
White Doves at Morning Orion 2003  
In the Moon of Red Ponies Orion 2004  
Crusader's Cross Orion 2005  

Further Information
James Lee Burke, born 1936, was raised in Texas and educated in Southern America. He obtained a masters degree in English. He is best known for his main series character, Dave Robicheaux, a policeman and Vietnam veteran. His other series character is Billy Bob Holland. The books are well written and fast paced in the modern thriller style of writing. The characters are well formed and plotting is solid. They are very 'readable' and hence Burke is one of the world's best selling authors in his genre. The first three books were only published in the USA, they are the rarest and most valuable. In all but one cases, the US editions precede the English. Later titles are relatively easy to locate due to large print runs. He has won numerous awards and was even nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He currently spreads his time between a huge ranch in Montana and Louisiana .

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