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James Turner Series Character: Rampion Savage

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

James Turner Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder at Landred Hall Cassell 1954 Dust jacket by by Pagram
Rivers of East Anglia Cassell 1954 Not crime fiction
A Death by the Sea Cassell 1955 Crime Connoisseur Books series
The Dolphin's Skin Cassell 1956 Not mystery fiction
The Strange Little Snakes Cassell 1956 Set in Southwold Suffolk
The Frontiers of Death Cassell 1957
The Crystal Wave Cassell 1957
The Shrouds of Glory Cassell 1958 Non-fiction
The Dark Index Cassell 1959
The Deeper Malady Cassell 1959
The Interior Diagram Cassell 1960 Poetry
Condell Cassell 1961 Not in HUbin. DJ by Cameron Poulter
The Glass Interval Cassell 1961 Dustwrapper by Eric Mudge-Marriott
The Crimson Moth Cassell 1962 Not crime fiction?
The Nettle Shade Cassell 1963
The Long Avenues Cassell 1964 Not listed in Hubin
The Slate Landscape Cassell 1964
The Blue Mirror Cassell 1965
Anna Chevron Cassell 1966 Not in Hubin, non-criminous?
The Accident, and Other Poems Cassell 1966
Seven Gardens for Catherine. An Autobiography Cassell 1968
Requiem for Two Sisters Cassell 1968
Sometimes into England : 2nd vol Autobiography Cassell 1970
The Stone Dormitory Cassell 1971

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James Turner Biography - Information About the Author
James Ernest Turner was born in 1909 and died in 1975, his main series character, Rampion Savage, appears in all the books listed above.
The Crime Connoisseur Series, as crime fiction collectors will know, almost always benefit from attractive period dust jacket artwork and are worth collecting for this reason alone.
The author's non-fiction work, noted in the list above, is relatively common, the crime fiction titles much less so, especially in collectable condition with dustwrappers.

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