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James Sandys Series Characters:
James Charlesworth - Inspector Millwall - Mr Springfield

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

James Sandys Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Stripe for a Stripe Stanley Paul 1938
The Vengeance Due Stanley Paul 1938
Death finds The gloves Stanley Paul 1939
Harlequin of Doom Stanley Paul 1939
The Hand without Mercy Stanley Paul 1940
Voices of the Storm Stanley Paul 1940
And So We Die. A Novel Stanley Paul 1941
Thicker than Water Stanley Paul 1941
This is Death Calling Stanley Paul 1943
Green Eye of Death Stanley Paul 1943
The Lone Commando Stanley Paul 1944
From Laughter to Death Stanley Paul 1945
The Lodestar of Death Stanley Paul 1946 Dust jacket priced 9/6
The Silken Shroud Stanley Paul 1947
The Death Echo Stanley Paul 1948
Death is Merciful Stanley Paul 1948
Darkest Under the Lamp Stanley Paul 1949
The Man Who Wasn't There Stanley Paul 1953

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James Sandys Biography - Information About the Author
James Sandys is a mystery author with a mystery life - can you help with details ?
Book collectors will find the pre 1942 books rare in dust jacket, later titles due turn up but are not commonlace in collectable condition, usually reasonably priced though.
Some fantastic dustwrapper artwork makes them very collectable in our view.
Many of the books will be undated, some publisher price clipped dust jackets too and repriced with a sticker, a common trait with this publisher to shift remaining stock presumably and as also no cheaper editions were reprinted.

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