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This bibliography list the mystery fiction work of James Ronald
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Star Dust Gramol 1932 Adelphi Novels # 10
Not in the English Catalogue of Books
Nor are any others without mention of published price
Counsel for the Defence Gramol 1932 Adelphi Novels # 22
Six Were to Die Hodder & Stoughton 1932 ECB lists only Jan 33 priced 3/6
This could be the 1st or the cheap edition ?
US Written under name Kirk Wales
US: 1941 Mystery House
Lord Peter Goes A-Wooing Gramol 1933 Adelphi Novels # 33
The Monocled Man Gramol 1933 Mystery Novels # 10
The Unholy Trio Gramol 1933 Mystery Novels # 12
Cross Marks the Spot Hodder & Stoughton Aug 1933 Dustwrapper 7/6
Death Croons the Blues Hodder & Stoughton Oct 1934 DJ 3/6. US: 1940 Phoenix
Diamonds of Death Gramol 1934 Mystery Novels # 17
The Sundial Drug Mystery Gramol 1934 Mystery Novels # 30
The Man who Made Monsters Gramol 1935 Mystery Novels # 39
The Green Ghost Murder Gramol 1936 Mystery Novels # 59
Murder in the Family John Lane 1936 DJ 7/6. US: 1940 Lippincott. Also pub' as
The Murder in Gay Ladies 1952
Hanging's Too Good Rich & Cowan July 1938 ECB states "cheap edition" 3/6
They Can't Hang Me! Rich & Cowan Mar 1938 DJ 7/6. US: 1938 Doubleday
Murder for Cash Rich & Cowan Sept 1938 DJ 3/6 re ECB
The Dark Angel Modern Publishing Co c1930s ? Undated, no copy in British Library
This Way Out Rich & Cowan 1940 ? Library of Scotland call for 1939.
BL etc say 1940.
I fancy '39 due to US date and precedence
US: 1939 Lippincott
ECB states Jan 1940
She Got What She Asked For Lippincott 1941 If anybody knows the UK title
please do get in touch

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Further Information
James Ronald - Writer of Tales, born 1905, had one main series character Julian Medoza.
This Way out was adapted in
1944 into a classic Film Noir called The Suspect starring Charles Laughton and directed by Robert Siodmak. We need to check all of the titles in the ECB, consequently when you see more than one title in the same year they may not be in order of publication


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