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James Preston Series Character: Sergeant Bob Christie

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

James Preston Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Valley of No Escape John Long 1961 Dustwrapper priced at 12s.6d
The Empty Years Cresset Press 1962 Dust jacket design by Hugh Walker
Prison Feud John Long 1962
The Killer Came Riding John Long 1963
Axes of Hate John Long 1963
Shattered Steel John Long 1964
Breakdown John Long 1965
Gaol in Conflict John Long 1966
Racing Axes John Long 1966
Crashout John Long 1968
Murder at Sundown John Long 1968
Bushfire John Long 1969
Death Takes Revenge John Long 1970
Power Failure John Long 1971
Jeedarra Country John Gifford 1972 Not in HUbin
Paper Boy Rigby in Adelaide 1974 Not in HUbin
Brighton Sketchbook Rigby in Adelaide 1974 Not in HUbin
St Kilda Road Sketchbook Rigby in Adelaide 1979 Not in HUbin

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James Preston Biography - Information About the Author
James Preston was born in 1913.
The books are not overly common, certainly when it comes to secondhand bookshops, they can be found though and are not hugely expensive.
Nice copies in collectable condition with dust jackets don't seem to have come our way over the years.
We've also not read one of the author's books so cannot comment on literary quality.
More information about the author would be happily added to this page.

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