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James Pattinson Series Character: Harvey Landon

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Soldier, Sail North George Harrap 1954
The Mystery of the Gregory Kotovsky George Harrap 1958
Last in Convoy Mcdowell Obolensky (USA) 1957 Not in Hubin. Later reprinted Corgi Books
Contact Mr Delgado George Harrap 1959
Wild Justice George Harrap 1960
On Desperate Seas George Harrap 1961
The Liberators George Harrap 1961
The Angry Island Robert Hale 1968
The Last Stronghold 1968
The Golden Reef 1969
Find the Diamonds 1969
The Plague Makers Robert Hale 1969
Whispering Death 1969
The Deadly Shore 1970
Three Hundred Grand 1970
The Rodriguez Affair 1970
The Murmansk Assignment Robert Hale 1971 Dust jacket priced 22/-
The Sinister Stars 1971
Watching Brief 1971
Sea Fury 1971
Weed 1972
Ocean Prize Robert Hale 1972
Away with Murder 1972
The Marakano Formula 1973
A Fortune in the Sky 1973
Search Warrant 1973
Cordley's Castle Robert Hale 1974
The Petronov Plan 1974
The Haunted Sea 1974
Feast of the Scorpion 1975
Freedman 1975
Crusader's Cross Robert Hale 1975
A Walking Shadow 1976 Dustwrapper priced 3.25
Special Delivery 1976
The Honeymoon Caper 1976
A Real Killing 1976
The No Risk Operation Robert Hale 1977
The Spanish Hawk 1977
Final Run 1977
Something of Value 1978
Blind Date 1978
Ten Million Dollar Cinch Robert Hale 1978 Dust jacket priced 3.95
The Rashevski Icon 1979
Red Exit 1979
The Courier Job 1979
The Levantine Trade 1980
The Spayde Conspiracy Robert Hale 1980
Busman's Holiday 1980
The Antwerp Appointment 1981
Stride 1981
The Seven Sleepers 1981
The Stalking Horse Robert Hale 1982
A Fatal Errand 1982
Lethal Orders 1982
Flight to the Sea 1983
The Kavulu Lion 1983
A Car for Mr Bradley Robert Hale 1983
Precious Cargo 1984
Dead of Winter 1984
The Saigon Merchant 1984
Come Home, Toby Brown 1985
Homecoming Robert Hale 1985
Life Preserver 1985
Where the Money is 1986
The Syrian Client 1986
Poisoned Chalice 1986
A Dream of Madness Robert Hale 1987
Dangerous Enchantment 1987
Paradise in the Sun 1987
Legatee 1988
The Junk Run 1988
Killer Robert Hale 1989
Operation Zenith 1989
Dishonour Among Thieves 1989
Dead Men Rise Up Never 1990
The Spoilers 1990
Devil Under the Skin Robert Hale 1991
With Menaces 1991
Steel 1992
The Animal Gang 1992
Fat Man from Colombia 1993
The Emperor Stone Robert Hale 1993
Lady from Argentina 1994
Telephone Murders 1994
The Poison Traders 1995
Squeaky Clean 1995
A Wind on the Heath Robert Hale 1996
Avenger of Blood 1996
One-Way Ticket 1997
The Time of Your Life 1997
Some Job 1998
Death of a Go Between Robert Hale 1998
Skeleton Island 1999
The Wild One 1999
On Desperate Seas 2000
A Passage of Arms 2000
Crane Robert Hale 2001
Old Pals Act 2001
Obituary for Howard Gray 2003
Bullion 2004
Bavarian Sunset 2007
The Unknown Robert Hale 2008

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James Pattinson Author Biography - Information About the Author
James Pattinson was born in 1915 and died in 2009, he's listed in Hubin and what an output! I know how I feel after putting together this list of books, imagine actually writing them!?
The British Library also holds some plays written by James Pattinson but we've left these out of the bibliography, we have included all the books held by the major British reception libraries though so this should be a comprehensive list of books.
No publisher mentioned means it's Robert Hale.
As can be seen, James Pattinson, often wrote several books in a year, we've listed thes ein order of appearance in the british Library catalogue.
A number of the books were subsequently reprinted by the publisher White Lion Press.
What would a full set of first editions in dust jacket look like? If any book collector has one then they've done very well indeed.
Whilst the first edition books are not expensive they are elusive, that is to say in collectable condition.
As usual with this publisher most of James Pattinson's books went to the public library service, very few books from the already short print runs made it to bookshops.

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