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James M Fox Bibliography

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James M Fox
Series Characters: Steve Harvester, Sgt Jerry Long, Sgt Chuck Conley Á John Marshall

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
It's a complicated bibliography, precedence switches between British and American editions
Also, some titles not released in the USA and vice versa some not in the UK
The books are appreciated by both collectors and readers of the hard boiled style
First editions in dust jackets are desirable and attract reasonable prices
UK editions are much rarer than their US counterparts

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Journey Into Danger Withy Grove 1943
Don't Try Anything Funny Davies 1943
Hell on the Way Davies 1943
Cheese from a Mousetrap Davies 1944
The Lady Regrets Coward McCann 1947 UK: 1947 Davies
Death Commits Bigamy Coward McCann 1948 UK: 1950 Van Thal
The Inconvenient Bride Coward McCann 1948 UK: 1951 Van Thal
The Gentle Hangman Little Brown 1950 UK: 1952 Van Thal
The Aleutian Blue Mink Little Brown 1951 UK: 1952 Van Thal
as Fatal in Furs 1952 Dell
The Iron Virgin Little Brown 1951 UK: 1954 Hammond
The Wheel is Fixed Little Brown 1951 UK: 1952 VanThal
The Scarlet Slippers Little Brown 1952 UK: 1955 Hammond
A Shroud for Mr Bundy Little Brown 1952 UK: 1955 Hammond
Bright Serpent Little Brown 1953 UK: 1956 Hammond
Also as Rites for a Killer
Code Three Little Brown 1953 UK: 1956 Hammond
Also as Dead Shot
Dark Crusade Little Brown 1954 UK: 1955 Cassell as Grant Holmes
Surabaya Cassell 1956 as Grant Holmes
Free Ride Popular Librray 1957 UK: 1957 Cassell
Also as Cell Car 54
Save Them for Violence Derby 1959
Dead Pigeon Hammond 1967 Also as The Dead Canary 1979
Operation Dancing Dog Walker 1974

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James M Fox Biography
James M Fox was a pseudonym used by Johannes Matthijs Willem Knipscheer, two titles above under the name of Grant Holmes as noted. Born in Holland he went to America in 1946 where he practiced law.

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