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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Passport to Oblivion Heinemann 1964  
Passport to Peril Heinemann 1966 US: Spylight
Passport to Suspense Heinemann 1967 US: The Yang Meridan
Passport for a Pilgrim Heinemann 1968  
They Don't Make Them Like That Any More Heinemann 1969  
A Week of Lobe Heinemann 1969 No US edition
Never Had a Spanner on Her Heinemann 1970 No US edition
Love All Heinemann 1971 No US edition
Host of Extras Heinemann 1973 No US edition
The Chinese Widow Heinemann 1975 No US edition
Love and the Land Beyond Heinemann 1979 No US edition
Open Secret Collins 1982 No US edition

James Leasor Author Biography - Further Information
James Leasor was born in Kent, England, on 20th December 1923. His main series character was Dr Jason Love, a character not dissimilar to James Bond. He wrote many other novels, non-criminous, and also sixteen works of non-fiction. The books are borderline crime-thriller but should appeal especially to those who have an interest in classic cars, in particular the Cord.

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