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James G. Edwards Series Character: Inspector Victor Bondurant

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder at the Surgery Doubleday Crime Club 1935 As James G. Edwards M.D.
The Private Pavillion Doubleday Crime Club 1935
F Corridor Doubleday Crime Club 1936
Murder at Leisure Doubleday Crime Club 1937
The Odor of Bitter Almonds Doubleday Crime Club 1938
Death Elects a Mayor Doubleday Crime Club 1939 As James G. Edwards M.D.
Death Among Doctors Doubleday Crime Club 1942 Book set in Chicago
But the Patient Died Doubleday Crime Club 1948 UK: Cherry Tree 1949 (paperback)

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James G. Edwards Author Biography - Information About the Author
James G. Edwards M.D. is a pseudonym used by James William MacQueen who was born in 1900, his main series character is Inspector Victor Bondurant with a hospital / medical theme.
You could put a full set of these books together, in first edition state with dust jackets, by using specialist delaers online, it's certainly "doable" and at a modest cost, modest in terms of pre-war crime fiction book collecting that is.
The books benefit from some effective period dustwrapper artwork too.
The British Library does hold some of the American publications but the only British edition is a cheap paperback distributed by Withy Grove Press and duly noted in the bibliography above.

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