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This bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author
The British Library call Murder Inc Top Line Books series # 1 - so I pretty sure of chronology there.
Oxford states Deadline as # 6 in the series, also mentioned are the publishers Dakers.

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder Inc. Top Line Books 1952 Red cloth, gilt. Dust jacket priced 8/6
Film Tie in
Deadline Top Line Books 1952 Movie tie in. Original screenplay
Richard Brooks
The Chinese Visitor Cassell 1965 US: 1965 Coward
The Little Dragon from Peking Cassell 1967 US: 1967 Coward
Come Die With Me Macmillan 1970 US: 1969 McKay as
Diamonds Are Deadly
Henry in the Frame Macmillan 1972 US: 1972 McKay
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James Eastwood ~ Further Information ~ Biography
This author, born 1918, was a journalist and screenwriter for the movies and TV. According to the IMDB his output was considerable but sadly they seem to have no details of his life or literary work, if you can help please do drop us an email - many thanks.

Synopsis of James Eastwood's Murder Inc.

During the investigation of a seemingly routine murder case, District Attorney Ferguson stumbled on almost incredible evidence that there existed in America an organisation of professional killers. An organisation operating on a scale big enough to employ a staff undertaker, selling murder to those too scared or too prudent to kill their enemies with their own hands. This was Murder Inc., a business the D.A. swore to break and send its boss, the power-drunk Mcndoza, to the chair.

But who could be found to testify against the man who had only to pick up the phone to pass sentence of death upon anyone who threatened him? That was Ferguson's problem. Here is a story with a thrill on every page, rising to a climax of such power and tension that the reader will be kept breathless to the very last line. But it is also an account of painstaking police work, showing how a formidable case can be built up from the most meagre of clues. This novel is based on fact. There was an organisation called Murder Inc., and the book is based on the astounding case which hit the headlines in 1940 when seven members of the infamous crime syndicate were successfully convicted.

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