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James Barlow Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

James Barlow Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Protagonists Cassell & Co 1956 v, 280 pages (8) US: Harper & Brothers 1956
UK paperback: Pan Books 1959
One Half of the World Cassell & Co 1957 214 pages (8) US: Harper 1957
The Man with Good Intentions Cassell & Co 1958 No American edition found
The Patriots Hamish Hamilton 1960 390 pages (8) Dust jacket artwork by Val Biro
US: Harper 1960
Reissued by Reprints Society 1961
UK paperback 1962 cover artwork by Paul Hogarth
Term of Trial Hamish Hamilton 1961 307 pages (8) US: Simon & SChuster 1962
UK softcover first edition: Penguin Books 1962
Adapted as a film of the same name with
Sir Lawrence Olivier and Simone Signoret
The Hour of Maximum Danger Hamish Hamilton 1962 448 pages (8) Dust jacket by Biro
US: Simon & SChuster 1963
UK paperback first edition: Penguin Books 1963
"Cold War espionage"
This Side of the Sky Hamish Hamilton 1964 287 pages (8) Dust jacket by by David Fawcett
US: Simon & SChuster 1962
Not crime fiction re Hubin
British paperback 1st: Penguin, 1966
"Story of an Air Force pilot and actress"
One Man in the World Hamish Hamilton 1966 494 pages (8) Dustwrapper art by by Pino Dell'orco
US: Simon & SChuster 1966
Not crime fiction re Hubin
British paperback first: Pan Books 1968
The Burden of Proof Hamish Hamilton 1968 258 p. 21cm US: Simon & SChuster 1968
UK paperback: Pan Books, 1970
Reissued as Villain Pan Books 1971
Goodbye, England Hamish Hamilton 1969 168 p. ; 22cm. Not listed in Hubin
Liner: a novel Hamish Hamilton 1970 457 p. 21cm Not in Hubin
UK paperback: Pan Books, 1972
Both Your Houses Hamish Hamilton 1971 274 p. 21cm Not in Hubin
British softcover: Pan Books, 1973
Set in Belfast, a relationship across the divide
In All Good Faith Tom Stacey 1971 288 p. 23cm Not in Hubin
British softcover: Pan Books, 1974

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James Barlow Author Biography - Information About the Author
James Barlow, born 1921 and died 1973 according to the British Library, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author.
It should be possible to put together a full set of first edition books without spending a fortune, although some of the titles are tricky to find in collectable condition with nice dust jackets (which mostly benefit from attractive period artwork)
UK books have publishing precedence, American books noted when known and applicable.
We've included every entry for James Barlow in the British Library in this bibliography so it is a complete list of books rather than just those listed by Hubin.

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