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Jacques Pendower Series Character: Slade McGinty

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Hunted Woman Ward Lock 1955
The Dark Avenue Robert Hale 1955
Mission in Tunis 1958 1958 US: Paperback Librray 1967
The Long Shadow 1959
Double Diamond Robert Hale 1959
Anxious Lady Robert Hale 1960
The Widow From Spain 1961 US title: Betrayed, Paperback Librray 1967
Death on the Moor 1962
The Perfect Wife Robert Hale 1962 The first Slade McGinty book (I think)
Operation Carlo 1963 Slade McGinty. Set in Italy
Master Spy Robert Hale 1964 Slade McGinty
Sinister Talent 1964 Slade McGinty. Set in Italy
Spy Business 1965
Out of This World Robert Hale 1966
Try Anything Once Robert Hale 1967
Traitor's Island 1967 Slade McGinty novel
A Trap For Fools 1968 Set in Venice
The Golden Statuette Robert Hale 1969
Diamonds For Danger 1970 Dustwrapper by Laurence Cutting
She Came by Night 1971
Cause For Alarm Robert Hale 1971 Dust acket design by Tony Parson
Date With Fear Robert Hale 1974

Jacques Pendower Biography - Information About the Author
Jacques Pendowe, born 1889 and died 1976, also wrote under the name T.C.H. Jacobs.
All of the British first editions are published by Robert Hale and book collectors will face the inevitable consequence of this - most of the print runs went direct to Public Libraries, making copies in truly collectable condition uncommon.

we've listed the American publications, such as they are, paperback editions for readers do not appear to have been published but ex-library copies are viable price wise for those looking for a reading copy.
Some of the books lean more to espionage and thriller genre than true crime fiction but they are listed in Hubin and so worthy of a collectors bibliography on this site.

see also our List of T.C.H. Jacobs Books in Order


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