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Jack Laflin Bibliography

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Jack Laflin Series Character: Gregory Hiller

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Flaw Belmont 1964
The Spy Who Loved America Belmont 1964 New York City backdrop
A Silent Kind of War Belmont 1965 Also published by Digit in 1966
Set in Hawaii
The Spy in White Gloves Belmont 1965 South American setting
O'Kane Was Able Renown Publications 1966 Short story Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine
January 1966 Vol. 18 No. 2
The Reluctant Spy Belmont 1966 Book set in Russia
The Spy Who Didn't Belmont 1966 Story set in Long Island, New York
Throw the Long Bomb ! Whitman Publishing 1967 Not listed by Hubin
Hardcover in laminated, illustrated boards
The Temple at Ilumquh Award 1970 Book based in the Middle East
The Bees ? ? Possibly 1976 by Ace Books but unsure
Not listed in the American Library of Congress
Serpent in Paradise ? ? Only a 1992 edition by Vantage can be found
A first edition?

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Jack Laflin Author Biography - Information About the Author
Jack Laflin is listed in Hubin and his series character is Gregory Hiller.
The books listed in this bibliography are all first edition, paperback originals, excliuding the Whitman published book.
A Silent Kind of War is the only book held by the British Library, published by Brown, Watson in 1966.
The Gregory Hiller espionage series was popular at the time and is reflected in print runs and subsequent availability today. All of the books are readily available secondhand, out-of-print at the time of writing, and modestly priced online

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